No. 9

by Michael McDaeth



It is the case with most socket sets that one or two sockets go missing.

This was the situation for Michael McDaeth's 7 disc Socket Set (2012). No one knew except McDaeth that his Socket was at one point a 9 disc Set and that most of the songs for disc/sockets 8 and 9 were lost through mishap and misplacement along with the master recordings. It's the kind of heartache you keep to yourself.

Well it happened recently that an early copy of the No. 9 disc/socket came to light. It was found in an old toy box. It looked as though it was used as a launch pad for various rockets and spaceships. In any case, here for you is disc/socket No. 9 to add to the 7 disc socket set
you may already possess.


released August 1, 2015

written and recorded by Michael McDaeth



all rights reserved


Michael McDaeth Seattle, Washington

Michael is alive and kicking. He's been making and releasing solo albums for years under his own label: Sophisticated Monkey. He's written a couple books He wrote a column for Cake Magazine and is also known for his music video art.

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Track Name: How to Build an Empire
First you need an enemy
maybe punch 'em in the mouth
then you build a wall and lock your door
pull up the bridge
knock down the trees
see as far as you can see and make the others bleed

Now you got a war machine
what you do with a war machine but use it quite liberally
to smash bodies and extinguish dreams
oh baby, check your soul
down 3 pints in the love zone
you don't know what you don't know
but dream the dream on a dirty floor

everybody sucks

Yeah I had a dad unkind rather shitty but never mind
my mom was timid and out of time
couldn't go on down the line
well the president's just a figurehead
it wouldn't matter if he were dead
they replace him with the one that's next and so on down the list

everybody sucks

These protestors with clever signs I'm surprised they even find the time
between kayak trips and mountain climbs
the end is near
the end is nigh
they're too polite to make a mess unlike our dumb fundamentalists who
curse the devil then help him dress
oh, who will start the show?
who will start the show?