The Socket Set - Disc 1

by Michael McDaeth



This is disc 1 of Michael McDaeth's 7 disc release titled "The Socket Set"


released January 1, 2012

written and recorded by Michael McDaeth



all rights reserved


Michael McDaeth Seattle, Washington

Michael is alive and kicking. He's been making and releasing solo albums for years under his own label: Sophisticated Monkey. He's written a couple books He wrote a column for Cake Magazine and is also known for his music video art.

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Track Name: on vacation in the USA
say what you will about the world today
it ain’t getting any better
its just as you please you say
but it doesn’t really matter
cause we’re
feeble beings

say what you want about the world today
but I
think i’ll go down to the road
throw stones at the cars I see
maybe piss on the wall
I got some blues to play
it can’t wait
it can’t wait

yeah I hope things get better someday
but I’m
I’m not gonna wait
the quickest way I guess is to go out there and throw some stones
i’m not saying just be arbitrary
oh, you can point that thing
maybe at a limousine
or maybe a politician’s train

i’m not satisfied with the way the world is today
but I’m still gonna play
got fates and the loves and the doors
banging away

i don’t go to theme parks
they’re just contained bullshit - yeah
I don’t go to football games
or shit like that cause it’s just lame
i’ve had that
hotdog and beer
it ain’t that good motherfucker
and your team sucks anyway
must mean you suck

i’m not sad about the world today
it’s all i’ve got
i’m going to go down to the road
hang-out in the parking lot
thank god
have a beer
and a maybe have a hotdog - yeah
complain about the politicians
and their negative hell

i must
i must say

I’m not troubled by the world today
I won’t wait
I take my freedom myself
I don’t need no paper faith
i don’t need no laws to tell me i’m free
I just take it anyway
i try not to harm others but you know
sometimes that shit happens, ya dig?

today i’m gonna turn away from societies feed
the fear and everything and all that shit they say
I’m gonna go down to the well
and throw in all my loose change
i got nothing to wish for
but i’ll
i’ll wish for something for you

let’s get together and laugh the assholes away
you got to move
you got to look
you got to eat
If they try to hold us off
we’ll just have to take it, baby

hate.... love your hate

think i’ll go down to the bank today and make a withdrawal
nah, i ain’t got any money in there but jesus christ I need some - amen
no man, i’ll stand in line with all the other the robbers and wait
six of us in ski masks and we won’t even relate

my friends i see families on the
side of the road - homeless
gonna give them my last loaf of bread
and I’m going to fade into the sea

cause I got to play
i ain’t got no job anyway

i’m on vacation in the usa
i’m on vacation in the usa